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humanitarian, voluntary, independent, and non-profit organization that has been striving for the connection and realization of the needs of vulnerable social groups in Pomurje since 2003.

Korenika - more than a story

"The mission of Korenika is to respect people, animals, nature, and culture. It nurtures dignity, respect, and self-respect among both employees and fellow human beings."

In 2007, the Mozaik Society expanded its activities in the field of vocational training and employment programs by establishing the Korenika Institute in Šalovci, where the Korenika farm operates. Located in the heart of the beautiful Goričko region, in the village of Šalovci, Korenika significantly contributes to the renewal and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the countryside.

As a recognized example of good practice, Korenika fulfills its mission in the fields of social entrepreneurship, training and employment of people with disabilities and individuals from vulnerable social groups, as well as protective employment. With a strong sense of responsibility towards society and its people, it focuses on addressing social, economic, environmental, and other issues. In the process, new jobs are created for vulnerable individuals, and socially beneficial activities are carried out.

At Korenika, an organic farming system has been established for the cultivation of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and cereals. These are processed into high-quality food products with organic certifications, harnessing the healing power of nature.

The visit to Korenika

The Korenika Farm is open to external guests, offering an experiential, educational, culinary, and relaxing visit tailored to the preferences of visitors.

During the tour of the farm, you will have the opportunity to listen to Korenika's story from its beginnings to its mission in modern times. You will stroll through the multi-purpose herb garden and learn about the healing power of herbs. You will relax in interaction with the animals in the zoo and get to know Slovenian autochthonous breeds. You can also visit the century-old Rotceni house, which is one of the rare examples of restored and protected cultural heritage.

Nature Classroom

For preschool children, students, high school students, university students, and other closed groups, various practical workshops are organized: culinary, herbal, and gardening workshops, visits to the zoo and animal care, creative workshops, practical work on the farm, soap, and ointment making, presentation of organic farming and agriculture, guided walks to Lake Hodoš...

The spaciousness of the countryside and activities at Korenika enable the organization of team-building events for workgroups. A multimedia space is also available for professional consultations.

Holiday Camps

During the summer holidays, we organize 5-day adventure camps for children and youth, where kids experience various activities on the farm, and in its surroundings, and enjoy relaxed games with their peers:

  • experiencing genuine contact with nature and people;
  • professional and experiential guidance in exploring nature;
  • sproščeno igro in spodbujanje zdrave domišljije/ustvarjalnosti;
  • interaction with animals and taking care of them (horses, cows, rabbits, ducks, sheep, goats, ...);
  • encouraging positive values: friendship, companionship, connection with nature and people, love, and mutual support, leaving no one alone in this world!

Children receive three healthy meals each day, as well as safe and professional guidance, adhering to the principles of experiential pedagogy that connect children with nature and friends.

During your visit to Korenika, you will enjoy refreshments with eco-friendly drinks. You can also choose from a diverse culinary offer from the home kitchen. Under the auspices of our brand, we produce and sell herbal teas, cold-pressed oils, dried and pickled fruits and vegetables, preserves, juices, syrups, and the list goes on. You can explore the wide range of products known for their homemade flavors and the healing power of nature in our online store.

More about Korenika can be read on the website:

Visit us! An unforgettable experience awaits you...

For a visit or any questions, you can call us at the phone number: 070 752 559 or you can write to us at:
Eko-socialna kmetija Korenika, Šalovci 86, 9204 Šalovci

Intergenerational Center Mensana

»Mens sana in corpore sano lat., a healthy mind in a healthy body«

The operation of Mensana is based on social responsibility, waste reduction, environmental protection, social integration, promotion of circular economy, support for local producers, and mutual collaboration.

The company involves individuals with more employment challenges, thereby contributing to the occupational integration of the most vulnerable population groups and sustainable development in our region.

A special purpose of the intergenerational center Mensana is to provide a space for socializing and community activities for various user groups with the possibility of organizing various cultural and educational events.

Through various programs, Mensana significantly contributes to enriching the gastronomic and service offerings through the lens of circular economy, providing this to locals and tourists visiting Pomurje.

Center for Renovation and Reuse

"The Center for Renovation and Reuse" is the central activity of the company Mensana, reflecting on all levels of operation. The reuse of already used items is an enhancement of the established waste processing systems, contributing significantly to waste reduction and, consequently, environmental pollution.

The activities carried out are related to the reuse of discarded and dumped furniture, residential and business equipment, other home equipment, books, computer equipment, and anything else that is surplus and still usable.

In Ključarovci, there is a unit of the Center for Renovation and Reuse, where furniture and other wooden items are restored, renovated, and repaired. This process creates unique products with new usable value. In the workshops for processing and reuse, the items are prepared for reuse, intended for social families, or they are available for sale at an affordable price in the store of used and refurbished products, also located in Mensana's premises.

Restaurant Mensana

As part of its activities, a catering service has been established, focusing on preparing homemade and healthy dishes with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and supporting local producers. The restaurant with a café is a central meeting place, designed as a dynamic space that adapts to the guests' needs on various occasions.

Objects and furniture from reused materials give the space a special touch of homeliness, adding value to their services. The concept of a self-service restaurant is based on tradition, the preparation of homemade dishes, and the careful selection of ingredients from local producers. In addition to trained staff in the hospitality sector, individuals from vulnerable target groups are also included in the work environment. In this way, they actively contribute to creating a supportive environment for less employable individuals and seek opportunities in the local community with their stories.

Laundry and Sewing Room

The laundry provides washing and ironing services for all types of laundry textiles, as well as minor sewing repairs. They use eco-friendly detergents, contributing to environmental protection and service quality.

The textile repair shop operates within the laundry and offers clothing and household textile repairs. By replacing zippers, shortening, and altering clothing, they ensure that various clothing items have an extended useful life.

The vision of the social enterprise Mensana so. p. is to become a central support hub for social entrepreneurship in Pomurje, aiming to establish the headquarters of a regional network of social enterprises. This network will provide opportunities for networking and support in the development of new social entrepreneurship projects.

Intergenerational Center Mensana
Slomškova ulica 49,
9000 Murska Sobota

CPPU: 02 521 42 33,
Kitchen: 02 521 42 30,
Laundry and Sewing Room: 02 521 42 31,
Management: 02 521 42 32
Contact for receiving items for reuse:
02 521 42 33 in 051 628 540

Diši po prekmurju

"Diši po Prekmurju" is a brand registered by the Society for the Promotion and Protection of Prekmurje Delicacies in 1999. Drawing its identity from the rich cultural heritage of the region, it brings together providers of high-quality food products, culinary delights, wines, and traditional crafts. Through joint promotional activities and shared marketing efforts, the brand has achieved high recognition both within Slovenia and in neighboring countries.

The offer targets consumers who appreciate tradition and quality. The flagship products of the brand are the Prekmurje layer cake ( and Prekmurje ham (, both boasting European protection. In addition to producers of protected products, the brand encompasses producers of pumpkin seed oil and various types of cold-pressed oils, fruit products (vinegar, natural juices, dried fruit, jams, brandies, and liqueurs), dried meats and other meat products, cereal products (flour, porridges, pasta), herbal products (teas, tinctures, syrups, herbal salts), dairy products, honey, organic products, and other delights from Prekmurje.

The specific purpose of the Mensana intergenerational center is to provide a space for socializing and community activities for various user groups, with the possibility of organizing various cultural and educational events. Through various programs, Mensana significantly contributes to enriching the gastronomic and service offerings through the lens of circular economy, catering to locals and tourists visiting Pomurje.

Tourist farms, inns, and restaurants in the region, in addition to offering Prekmurje layer cake and Prekmurje ham, also serve other traditional Prekmurje dishes: goulash, bograč, but repa (sour turnip soup), dödöli (potato dumplings), langaš (fried dough), Levante (buckwheat porridge), and more, accompanied by top-quality wines.

The extremely rich culinary heritage is preserved and enriched in Prekmurje with new aromas and flavors. Innovative producers and culinary masters follow modern trends, creating new food products and dishes rooted in tradition and incorporating local ingredients.

Under the auspices of the Society for the Promotion and Protection of Prekmurje Delicacies, providers showcase and promote their offerings at notable ethnic-culinary events. Prekmurje is presented holistically as a region of tradition with friendly and hospitable people, perceived as exotic in urban environments. The two main events are "Diši po Prekmurju" in Ljubljana and the Festival of Prekmurje Layer Cake and Ham in Murska Sobota. Promotion activities also take place at fairs, in shopping centers, in the hospitality sector, and in various events throughout Slovenia and neighboring countries.